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"Best floral" - award from Plein Air Salon , October 2020

Last month I was lucky to receive an award on Plein Air Salon online competition.
My painting "Cherry flowers" was the best in the category "Florals".
Thank you to the judge Karen Hewitt Hagan and to Plein Air Salon!!!

24 July-31 August 2020 Personal Exhibition in Gallery Nakai. Tournus. France.

This summer me and my husband were honoured to be invited to do an exhibition in the beautiful Gallery Nakai!
This gallery contain a team of wonderful artists from the different countries.
We are very happy to join this team!!!
During the vernissage we met François Dupuis and Marc Dailly with his family!
It was very nice from them to visit our show.
Thank you Hiromi and Gregor for the Beautiful exhibition and new friends!
More information at

12 July-9 August 2020 -Exhibition in the museum of Willingshausen.Germany

During the one week of malersymposium, I painted 7 paintings.Most of them were fast sketches.Five of them I'm showing on the exhibition of participants of symposium.
Each artist is showing 5 paintings.
I think it is very good end useful experience for every artist, to show together with the artists of different directions.

6-11 of June 2020 Malersymposium in Willingshausen.Germany

This summer me and my husband Antonin Passemard were invited to participate in a very interesting event.It is a conference of artists in the oldest art colonie un Europe,in Willingshausen, Germany.
We had a wonderful time painting together with the artists from Germany,Italy ,Finland and France.
Willingshausen is a very beautiful old village in Bavaria,I was very happy to discover it!
This week of painting and talking to another artists was very useful for me .

June 2020 - Online Exhibition "Together in Burgundy" in the Hagan Fine Art Gallery and Studio . Charleston.SC.USA

This year went completely different than we planned.
Covid-19 changed our plans like the plans of many people in the world.
That's why we had to decline our trip to USA this summer and move our personal show at the Hagan gallery online.
We showed our paintings which were made during last five years of our life in Burgundy.
It included landscapes of our village,portraits of kids,still lifes and interiors of our house.
Gallery did a lot of great and beautiful work for it.It was an interview,a video and description of every art work.
Thank you Hagan Fine Art Gallery and Studio!!!

29 February-22 March 2020 - Exhibition "Les Grands Tableaux" in Bourgogne Art Galerie.Ravieres.France.

This year we started with the Exhibition in our village.
We (me and my husband Antonin Passemard) decided this time to show our big paintings,which is hard to show in another countries.It was mostly portraits and big landscapes,which were painted in the studio.
All our friends and neighbors joined us for the opening and we had a wonderful time.

November 2019 participation as an artist of DDG Gallery in the Art Fair in Brussels.

In the beginning of autumn 2019 our gallery DDG ,in Paris, offered us(me and my husband Antonin Passemard) the participation in the Art Fair in Brussels.
We were very honoured to take part in such an exhibition.
Each of us showed three paintings,still lifes and interiors.

July 2019.Teaching 7days workshop in Estonia,on the Baltic coast.

In the middle of the summer we invited our students to join us in Toila,small village on the Baltic coast in Estonia.
We choose this calm location close to the nature to give our students an opportunity to paint in comfortable and beautiful enviroment.
It was a pleasure to work together on different subjects and ideas.
The location gave us an opportunity to paint on the sea and on the river,in the forest and in the garden,studing a wonderfur motives of nature.

July 2019.Art tour in St.Petersburg.Russia

This summer me and my Husband Antonin Passemard did a four days Art tour in St.Petersburg for our students.
We were very happy to introduse the russian school of painting to our friends and students from USA.We had a wonderful time going around Hermitage,Russian museum,museum of Repin's Art Academy and Soviet Art Museum.
We did it on purpose before our seven days workshop in Estonia to get the inspiration and knowledge for the new paintings.

Winning a first place,Mayoral Award at Art in the Open Festival!!!Wexford ,Ireland.August 2019

This summer I had a wonderful trip to Ireland!
I was invited to participate in Art in the Open Festival in Wexford and to teach two workshops there.
It was my first time in this beautiful country and I loved everything there!
I had a wonderful time painting in a very beautiful locations and meeting wonderful people!
And in the end of the competition I was lucky to get a Mayoral Award!!!
This year the judges were three wonderful painters Lori Putnam,Kevin Macpherson and James Colman.