Sping Exhibition at Slusser Gallery ,Salt Lake City ,April 2016

At this exhibition I'm showing my recent paintings I did in France and Switzerland during the fall 2015 and winter 2016.
It is few still life and landscape from Switzerland.

Sceneries of Burgundy.Exhibition in the castle d'Ancy le Franc.March-October 2016 .France

We with Antonin Passemard were glad to be invited to show our paintings in the beautiful castle Ancy le Franc!
It is a wonderful opportunity for us to show our paintings we did in France to the big circle of people who come to this
place from all over the world.

Personal exhibition with Antonin Passemard December 3-December 15 , 2015. in Galerie Espace Expression.Auxerre.France

This exhibition is going to be the most big of our personal exhibitions this year in France.
We are going to show our best paintings of the last two years.You will have opportunity to see different sides of our work.We will show portraits,still life,landscapes we painted in Russia,Switzerland and France.
Gallerie Espace Expression
Place des Cordeliers Auxerre
From 3 to 15 of December 2015
Open every day: 10h/12h-15h/18h
Vernissage 5 of December at 18.00

Holiday Group Exhibition at Susser Gallery,November-December 2015 ,Salt Lake City,Utah.USA

Holiday Group Exhibition it is always a great opportunity for me to show my recent paintings with the beautiful artists from US and France.
This year I'm going to show my paintings from France,Switzerland and Russia,several landscapes and still lifes.
Everybody is welcome!
More information at

Personal exhibition with Antonin Passemard at Gallerie de la Cure 5-29 September 2015,Vermenton.France

This will be our first exhibition in this small and beautiful town.We are going to show our paintings we did in the last 2 years in France and Russia.

Exhibition "Carnet de voyage" at Bourgogne Art Gallery 5-27 September 2015,Ravieres.France

In this annual exhibition in our home village I will show several paintings from my travelings around USA,Russia,Ukraine and France.
Every year I travel around and almost always I take my easel with me.It is always very interesting and exiting for me to share my traveling experience through my paintings with another people.

Exhibition "H2O" at Bourgogne Art Gallery August 8 to August 30 .2015.Ravieres.France

This year we open a new season at Bourgogne Art Gallery with the exhibition "H2O" where all artworks will be united
With the same subject,water. I'm showing 10 paintings from the different regions of France and Russia.
More information you can find here

August21 to October9 2015 - Still Life Exhibition at Slusser Gallery,Salt Lake City,Utah.USA

This autumn,I will show several of my recent still life with a lot of beautiful and interesting paintings of american artists at Slusser Gallery.There will be still life which were painted in Russia and France during this spring and summer.
Opening Reception August 21 2015 6:00-9:00pm.
You can find more information at or

September 8-17,2015 Workshop in Ravieres.France

This year we are doing with Antonin Passemard our second workshop in France and first workshop in our hometown Ravieres in Burgundy.We are very exited and looking forward to show our students beautiful french coutryside.We are going to paint in the beautiful medieval villages,try delicious Burgundy wines and give our students wonderful french experience they never had before!

August 18-28,2015 Plein Air in Alps.Switzerland

This year in the end of August we with Antonin Passemard are going to visit our friends in Switzerland and spend some time in the mountains to paint wonderful colours of Alps and ancient wooden swiss villages.It is always very interesting and useful experience for the artist to change the pallet comlitely according to the place of painting.