Teaching two workshops at the Art in the Open Plein Air festival 2019 .Wexford . Ireland

This summer I was honoured to be invited to participate in the Art in the Open Plein air painting festival and to teach two workshops there.
The Festival will be from 27 of July to the 5 of August.

The first workshop I'm Teaching will be on Tuesday 30st July, 2pm at Wells House.

All mediums and all levels are welcome.We are going to have together a very special experience of painting a subject in the landscape.We will try our best to catch this special and beautiful light which surrounds the objects on the plein air and brings so much colours in our paintings.

Exhibition "Les 4 saisons"(Four seasons) from 23 of March to 11 of November ,in the castle of Andy le Franc.France

This year we are doing a big exhibition with my husband Antonin Passemard in the castle of Ancy le Franc.We are showing more then 40 landscapes which were painted in France, Russia end Estonia during the last two years.
It is great to have such an amazing opportunity to show in the beautiful interiors of a renaissance castle!

Exhibition "La vie á Ravières"(Life in Ravieres) from 30 of March to 21 of April 2019 i Bourgogne Art Galerie . Ravieres.France.

This year we start with the exhibition "Life in Ravieres" in our home village Ravieres in Bourgogne Art Galerie.
We are showing paintings which were painted during the last 2-3 years and describe our family life in the little village.

My new paintings in Hagan Fine Art Gallery and Studio. June 2018 Charleston,South Carolina,USA

I'm very honored to represent my recent work in the beautiful Hagan Fine Art Gallery and Studio.
There you can see few of my new still lifes painted during this spring and summer.

Exhibition "Hivernales" with Antonin Passemard and Julia Kostsova in Bourgogne Art Galerie March24-April 21.Ravieres.France

This spring we decided to show the result of our russian plein air in Ravieres.
We did an exhibition with all our new paintings,landscapes and still lifes.
In april my dear frend from St.Petersburg Julia Kostsova came to visit us in ravieres and to paint together.
She joined us on this exhibition with her beautiful recent paintings of the spring in Burgundy!

Painting fall and winter in the russian village with Antonin Passemard. November 2017-January2018

Last fall we were lucky to have an opportunity to spend a few weeks in the beautiful village in the middle of the forest.It was a gret painting and family time.We caught this time in nature when one season changes o another,from the bright colours of autumn to the cold colours of winter.

Guest artists on the annual Autumn exhibition "Les Amis des Arts" 24 September -1 October 2017. Montbard .France

This year me and Antonin Passemard were invited to show our paintings on the big annual Fall exhibition in Montbard.We were very honored to get such an invitation and to have an opportunity to show a lot of our paintings in the neighbor region Côté d'Ore.
Because of the big space,we are going to show some of our big canvases.

Fall workshop in Burgundy 4-16 of September 2017

This Fall we with Antonin Passemard are doing a workshop for our American friends.
We are going to paint landscapes in small Burgundy villages and interiors in the beautiful Castle of Nuits.Also we will have some fun visiting local vineries and tasting French cuisine in the local bistro.

Personal Exhibition in Slusser Gallery 5 September-5 October 2017 Salt Lake City.USA

This year I have a great opportunity to show a lot of my paintings I did during last two years.
It is a big show which includes landscapes, still lifes and interior I painted in France and in Russia.Among them there are some snow paintings from the north of Russia and Fall landscapes from Burgundy.
The opening is 5 of September.
More information is on

Full page article in "L'Yonne Républicane" newspaper 27 May 2017 France

I was really honored and surprised when I received a letter from the journalist of the main newspaper of the department of L'Yonne.
She contacted me for the interview and the article about me,my work and my life in this region.It was really a fun conversation.
The Article calls "À chevalet entre la Russie et les USA" "Bridging the gap between Russia and the US ".