Holiday Group Exhibition at Slusser Gallery November-December 2014.Salt Lake City.Utah.USA

I'm honored to show my recent paintings at this Holiday Show
In Slusser Gallery,with the beautiful paintings of American artists.
Open reception will be on Friday ,November 21,6-9pm,during Salt Lake Gallery Stroll.
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Personal exhibition with Antonin Passemard September 13-October 5 , 2014. in Bourgogne Art Galerie.Ravieres.France

This September we have a wonderful opportunity with the French artist Antonin Passemard to show our recent paintings of Burgundy in Bourgogne Art Galerie in Ravieres.
This summer we were painting small towns and nature around Burgundy and we will be glad to show the result of our work together.
We both have a very nice impressions and experience from this place,after painting around and talking to the people on the streets.

Exhibition in California Museum of Fine Art in September-October 2014 California.USA

This September three of my paintings was included in the exhibition of our group Realism Without Borders in
California Museum of Fine Art.I was very glad to take part in this international show with the very good artists from
USA,France,Ukraine and Russia.Thanks a lot to Vanessa Rothe for organizing this beautiful show!

Exhibition "CARNET DE VOYAGE"("Diary of the traveler") August 16 to Septembe 7 2014. in Bourgogne Art Galerie.Ravieres.France

I was happy to be included to this show of travelers .
I will show there 10 of my paintings i did in last several years in different countries.
There will be paintings from Russia,Belorussia,Ukraine,Italy,Switzerland and USA.

Still life and trompe l'oeil exhibition.August 15 to October 10.Salt Lake City.Utah.USA

I am very glad to be in this interesting and unusual exhibition in Slusser Gallery.
Several of my still lifes will be there.
I will show paintings I did in France and in Russia during the last year.
Still life was always interesting for me like a description of the life around.
Most of my still lifes it is just things which were around me in the different places and situations.
Exhibition is open from August15 to October 10
Opening reception Friday,August 15,6.00pm to 9.00pm
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"Lumiere" exhibition at ART DIAPHRAGME in Auxerre .France . June 28 - July 11 .2014

In July I will do an exhibition "Lumiere" with the French artist Antonin Passemard in Auxerre.Burgundy.
On this exhibition we are going to show our paintings we pained this year in Paris in Russia and in Burgundy.
Art Diaphragme
37 rue Joubert
89000 Auxerre

Summer in France!Plein Air in Burgundy and Brittany .June -August 2014

This summer I want to spend in France,painting French province in Burgundy .
I'm looking forward to be in this medieval villages and towns painting around.
I will write more about my impressions later:)

Plein Air in the Russian Village April -May 2014

This spring I'm happy to be in my native village,to paint beautiful
Spring time,and to help my grandmother with the gardening.
Most of the time I spend in the forest trying to ketch sprig mood of this beautiful time.

"Plein Air Invitational Exhibition" June-August 2014 ,Slusser Gallery ,Salt Lake City.Utah .USA

I'm very happy to have this wonderful opportunity to show 15 of my Paintings
From my last Paris Plein Air on this international exhibition with a beautiful Plein Air painters from France and USA
at Slusser Gallery!
Opening Reception Friday ,June 20 2014,6-9 pm.
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"Second Annual Figure and Portrait Exhibition" May-June 2014 Slusser Gallery .Utah.USA

I'm very glad to be included in this show in the Slusser Gallery,
8 portraits and 2 figures of mine will be shown during one month,
Starting on 16 of May.
Opening Reception is on 16 of May 6-9pm.
Check out more information on