Exhibition and masterclass of graphic landscape artists from St. Petersburg October 2012 in the Molbert gallery

Usually i paint in oil colors and paint in pastels quite seldom.
On this exibition i showed about 10 pastels which i made in Marocco.
It was very interesting travelling with a lot of impressions.
I was glad that i had an opportunity to show my pastels,because usually galleries ask for exibitions only oil paintings.
During this exibition i made a masterclass,drawing still life by pastel.
This video you can see here

Exibition "Autumn 2012" at the St. Petersburg Union of Artists

This is the annual exhibition,where i usually take part as a member of Artist Union with one of my recent paintings .This year i showed my composition "Spring".

Exhibition "On both sides of the Simplon pass" with Jodok Gallery in Brig,Switzerland from 26-30 September.

This exhibition will be held with the support of my friends living on opposite sides of a single pass. Thanks to them I had the opportunity to paint in Italian Alps and in Alps in Swiss. So I had the idea to combine in one exhibition paintings made ​​in places, located just 50 kilometers one from another. But each of these places is different both in nature and architecture.
I'm very grateful to my friend Adam Wyden for his help in organising this show.
Paintings which were presented at this exhibition you can see in the folders Alps, and Brig.

Trips to the Altai region in June 2012

This year I was lucky enough to visit the Altai!To see the harsh beauty of the mountains, the pine forests, ancient rock drawings of hunters and large eagles. Unfortunately, I was there for the short time and I had only four days to work on sketches. Here are some of them.

Plein Air in Alps in March-April 2012

I had the wonderful opportunity to live and work in the Alps, thanks to my friends who live in a beautiful ancient building on the side of a big mountain. I also got an interesting experience shearing sheep :)
In the folder "Alps" you can see what I did.