Rowan tree 50x70cm (20"x28") oil on linen 2016
Forest on the Baltic coast 50x60cm (20"x24") oil on linen 2016
Fisherman's boats.Estonia 40x60cm (16"x24") oil on linen 2016
Windy day 55x45cm (22"x18") oil on linen ,2016
Bluebells 60x40cm (24"x16") oil on linen ,2016
White flowers 50x40cm(20"x16") oil on linen ,2016
Sunny apple tree 45x35cm(18"x14") oil on linen ,2016
Blooming Sally 50x70cm (20"x28")oil on linen ,2016
Lilies 40x50cm (16"x20") oil on linen ,2016
Light and shade 40x60cm (16"x24")oil on linen ,2016
Interior with oven 70x50cm (28"x20") oil on linen ,2016
Interior with buffet 55x45cm (22"x18") oil on linen ,2016
Grey day at the lake 40x60cm (16"x24") oil on linen ,2016
Village market in Noyers 30x40cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2015
Forest of Ravieres 18x24cm (7"x9,5")oil on canvas 2015
Fall.October 30x40cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2015
Fall fores 31x44cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2015
Between the fields.October 60x70cm (24"x28")oil on canvas 2015
Garden in Fulvy.France 40x60cm(16"x24")oil on canvas 2015
Alps 50x70cm(20"X28")oil on linen 2015
Bodme.Switzerland 50x80cm(20"x32")oil on linen 2015
Sunflowers 30x40cm(12"x16")oil on linen 2015
Simplondorf.Switzedland 30x40cm(12"x16")oil on linen 2015
Munster.Alps 50x30cm(20"x11.8")oil on linen 2015
Garden in Alps 50x50cm(20"x20")oil on linen 2015
Fulvy 50x50cm(20"x20")oil on linen 2015
Burgundy farm 30x50cm (11.8"x20")oil on linen 2015
"Poppies" 30x30cm(12"x12")oil on panel 2015
"Daisies" 30x30cm(12"x12")oil on panel 2015
"Ravieres" 50x60cm(20"x24") oil on linen 2015
"Evening in Ravieres" 50x60cm (18"x24") oil on linen 2015
"Cafe de la Gaite.France" 50x60cm(20"x24")oil on linen 2015
Truckee.California 17x30cm (9"x12") oil on canvas 2015
Lake Tahoe on the coast 60x35cm (24"x14")oil on canvas 2015
Noon at Lake Tahoe 17x30cm(9"x12") oil on canvas 2015
Mountain River 40x50cm(16"x20") oil on canvas 2015
Lake Tahoe.Rocks 35x45cm(14"18") oil on canvas 2015
Haight st. In San Francisco  30x40cm (12"x16") oil on canvas 2015
Forest next to Lake Tahoe 35x45cm (14"x18")oil on canvas 2015
Cloudy day on the coast.California  25x25cm(10"x10") oil on canvas 2015
Windy day on the ocean  17x30cm (9"x12") oil on canvas 2015
Village Varchignoli.Italy 150x100cm(60"x40") oil on linen 2013
View from my studio.St.Petersburg 45x60cm (18"x24") oil on linen 2015
Winter garden.St.Petersburg 50x60cm (20"x24") oil on linen 2015
On Neva river.St.Petersburg 30x40cm(12"x16") oil on linen 2015
Tugs on Neva.St.Petersburg 30x40cm(12"x16") oil on linen 2014
Roses 25x35cm(11"x14") oil on linen 2015
St.Petersburg roofs 20x30cm(8"x12") oil on linen 2015
Village living 45x50cm (18"x20")oil on linen 2015
Evening in the garden 50x50cm (20"x20") oil on linen 2015
Summer field 40x50cm(16"x20") oil on linen 2015
Before the rain 50x40cm(20"x16")Oil on canvas 2015
Fresh wood 50x70cm(20"x28") Oil on canvas 2015
Spring flowers 40x50cm(16"x20") Oil on canvas 2015
River Baranniza 60x50cm(24"x20") oil on canvas 2015