Still life with orchid 50x30cm (20 1/2"x12 1/4") Oil on linen 2016
Forest Flowers 25x25cm (10"x10") Oil on linen 2016
Apple tree blossom 50x40cm (16"x20") Oil on linen 2016
First Flowers 30x20cm (12"x8") Oil on linen 2016
Cup of tea 20x20cm (16"x16") Oil on linen 2016
Comte 30x43cm (12"x17")Oil on linen 2016
Cherry flowers 30x40cm (12"x16")Oil on linen 2016
April 60x35cm (14"x24")Oil on linen 2016
Sunflowers on the table 50x50cm (20"x20")oil on canvas 2015
Quince 20x25cm (8"x10")oil on canvas 2015
Dahlias 75x45cm(30"x18")oil on canvas 2015
Flowers of October 40x50cm (16"x20")oil on canvas 2015
Fruits of the fall 30x45cm (12"x18")oil on canvas 2015
Flowers on the table 30x40cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2015
Apples 45x35cm(18"x14")oil on canvas 2015
Fruits of the season 40x60cm (16"x24") oil on canvas 2015
"Field flowers" 25x35cm(11"x14")oil on panel 2015
"Summer flowers" 24x30cm(9"x12") oil on panel 2015
"Spring still life" 50x70cm(20"x28")oil on linen 2015
"Waiting for the spring"50x50cm(20"x20")oil on linen 2015
"Geacint"40x30cm(12"x16")oil on linen 2015
"Bleu flowers"45x50cm(18"x20") Oil on linen 2015
Jack Daniel 17x30cm (9"x12")oil on canvas 2015
Village kitchen . 50x70cm(20"x28") oil on canvas 2015
Village dishes. 80x60cm(32"x24") oil on canvas 2015
Grapes 60x45cm(18"x24") oil on canvas 2014
After the breakfast. 50x80cm (20"x32") oil on canvas 2014
Mandarins 40x40cm (16"x16") oil on canvas 2014
Grandmas buffet 80x100cm (32"x40") oil on canvas 2015
French buffet.45x60cm(18"x24")oil on canvas 2014
Fruits 30x40cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2014
Samovar 60x45cm (24"x18")oil on canvas 2014
Grandmother's treasure 20x30cm (8"x12") oil on canvas 2014
Young garden 50x40cm (20"x16")oil on canvas 2014
 First green 60x50cm (24"x20") oil on canvas 2014
Apples on the window.Oil on Canvas 40x50cm(16"x20")2013
Spring in my studio.Oil on Canvas 110x80cm 44"x32" 2014
Magazine and fruits.Oil on Canvas 30x50cm 12"x20" 2013
Dishes and mandarins.Oil on Canvas 30x40cm(12x16inches)2014
Le Brebiou ,Oil on canvas 65x40 cm(24x18 inches)2014
After the dinner. Oil on canvas 40x50cm(16x20 inches) 2014
Still life with green stool 80х75cm Oil on Canvas 2012
Stillife with pomegranates 65х70cm Oil on Canvas 2012
Stillife with tea 30х40cm 2012
Village stillife 50x30cm 2012
Vintage  50x110 cm Oil on canvas 2011
Still Life with Watermelon. 40x40cm. Oil on canvas 2010
Still Life with Sunflowers. 80x60 cm Oil on canvas 2009
Still life with pumpkins. 35x50 cm oil on canvas 2011
Still life with pumpkin and garlic. 60x70 cm oil on canvas 2012
Still Life with a coffee grinder. 40x50 cm oil on canvas 2012
Still life under the apple tree, 50x40 cm oil on canvas 2011
On the porch. 90x65 cm Oil on canvas 2011
Breakfast. 60x60 cm oil on canvas 2012
Autumn Still Life. 50x60 cm Oil on canvas 2011