Friend's house 30x40cm(12"x16") oil on linen 2020
January in Ravieres 40x40cm(16"x16") oil on linen 2019
Vezelay 40x30cm (16"x12") oil on linen 2018
Spring afternoon 30x20cm (12"x8") oil on linen 2018
Semur 40x30cm (16"x12") oil on linen 2018
Noyers 30x30cm (12"x12") oil on linen 2018
Winter day in Ravieres 40x40cm (16"x16") oil on linen 2018
Twillight 38x55cm (16"x22")oil on linen 2016
Ravieres in November 50x100cm (20"x40") oil on linen 2016
Evening light 60x60cm (24"x24") oil on linen 2016
December afternoon 50x65cm (20"x26") oil on linen 2016
Crossroad 49x69cm (20"x28") oil on linen 2016
Village market in Noyers 30x40cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2015
Forest of Ravieres 18x24cm (7"x9,5")oil on canvas 2015
Fall.October 30x40cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2015
Fall fores 31x44cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2015
Between the fields.October 60x70cm (24"x28")oil on canvas 2015
Garden in Fulvy.France 40x60cm(16"x24")oil on canvas 2015
Sunflowers 30x40cm(12"x16")oil on linen 2015
Fulvy 50x50cm(20"x20")oil on linen 2015
Burgundy farm 30x50cm (11.8"x20")oil on linen 2015
"Ravieres" 50x60cm(20"x24") oil on linen 2015
"Evening in Ravieres" 50x60cm (18"x24") oil on linen 2015
"Cafe de la Gaite.France" 50x60cm(20"x24")oil on linen 2015
Sunny day in Auxerre. 40x50cm (16"x24") oil on canvas 2014
Boats in Auxerre. 50x60cm (20"x24") oil on canvas 2014
Place St.Nikolais.Auxerre 60x50cm (24"x20") oil on canvas 2014
Morning in Auxerre.France 40x30cm(12"x16")oil on canvas 2014
La Cure river.France 65x80cm(24"x32")oil on canvas 2014
Rue Gambetta, le matin.Saulieu.France 25x35cm(10"x14")oil on canvas 2014
Rue Gambetta.Saulieu.France 60x50cm(24"x20")oil on canvas 2014
Rue du Marche.Saulieu.France 45 x60cm (18"x24")oil on canvas 2014
Place Docteur Rocolore.Saulieu.France 45x60cm(18"x24")oil on canvas 2014
Mountain Stream.France 40x50cm(16"x20")oil on canvas 2014
Forest stream in Morvan.France 45x60cm(18"x24")oil on canvas 2014
Rue Joubert in the afternoon.France 40x50cm (16"x20")oil on canvas 2014
French buffet.45x60cm(18"x24")oil on canvas 2014
Boats low tide.France 20x30cm(9"x12")oil on canvas 2014
Bar du theatre.France 30x40cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2014
A vendre(for sale).Saulieu.France 60x50cm (24"x20")oil on canvas 2014
Cloudy day in Saulieu.France 45x60cm (18"x24")oil on canvas 2014
River in Auxerre.France 30x40cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2014
Fontain in Saulieu.France 60x50cm (24"x20")oil on canvas 2014
Morning in Corbigny.France 40x50cm(16"x20")oil on canvas 2014
Boats in the evening.France 45x35cm(18"x14")oil on canvas 2014
Boats in Roscoff.France 35x45cm(18"x14")oil on canvas 2014
Blue boat.France 20x30cm (9"x12")oil on canvas 2014
Bazol.France 40x50cm (16"x20")oil on canvas 2014
Auxerre.France 40x30cm (16"x12")oil on canvas 2014
Afternoon in Saulieu.France 50x60cm (20"x24") oil on canvas 2014
Morning on Rivoli. Oil on Canvas 50x40cm(20x16inches)2014
La Defence in Rain.Oil on Canvas 40x50cm(16x20inches)2014
Ile Saint -Louis.Paris Oil on Canvas 30x40cm(12x16 inches)2014
Rue de Rivoli.Rain .Oil on Canvas 40x30cm(16x12inches)2014
Pont neuf.Paris .Oil on Canvas 50x60cm(20x 22inches)2014