Forest next to Lake Tahoe 35x45cm (14"x18")oil on canvas 2015
Cloudy day on the coast.California  25x25cm(10"x10") oil on canvas 2015
Windy day on the ocean  17x30cm (9"x12") oil on canvas 2015
View from my studio.St.Petersburg 45x60cm (18"x24") oil on linen 2015
Winter garden.St.Petersburg 50x60cm (20"x24") oil on linen 2015
On Neva river.St.Petersburg 30x40cm(12"x16") oil on linen 2015
Tugs on Neva.St.Petersburg 30x40cm(12"x16") oil on linen 2014
Roses 25x35cm(11"x14") oil on linen 2015
St.Petersburg roofs 20x30cm(8"x12") oil on linen 2015
Village living 45x50cm (18"x20")oil on linen 2015
Evening in the garden 50x50cm (20"x20") oil on linen 2015
Summer field 40x50cm(16"x20") oil on linen 2015
Before the rain 50x40cm(20"x16")Oil on canvas 2015
Fresh wood 50x70cm(20"x28") Oil on canvas 2015
Spring flowers 40x50cm(16"x20") Oil on canvas 2015
River Baranniza 60x50cm(24"x20") oil on canvas 2015
Village kitchen . 50x70cm(20"x28") oil on canvas 2015
Village dishes. 80x60cm(32"x24") oil on canvas 2015
Grapes 60x45cm(18"x24") oil on canvas 2014
After the breakfast. 50x80cm (20"x32") oil on canvas 2014
Mandarins 40x40cm (16"x16") oil on canvas 2014
My home 40x60 cm (16"x24") oil on canvas 2015
Grandmas buffet 80x100cm (32"x40") oil on canvas 2015
Winter sun 50x50cm (20"x20") oil on canvas 2015
Evening sun. 30x40cm (12"x16") oil on canvas 2015
Winter evening.30x40cm (12"x16") oil on canvas 2015
Sunny day in Auxerre. 40x50cm (16"x24") oil on canvas 2014
Boats in Auxerre. 50x60cm (20"x24") oil on canvas 2014
Place St.Nikolais.Auxerre 60x50cm (24"x20") oil on canvas 2014
Autumn sun 60x45cm(24"x18") oil on canvas 2014
Golden Autumn 60x80cm(24"x32") oil on canvas 2014
Late autumn 40x50cm (16"x20") Oil on canvas 2014
My old house 40x50cm(16"x20") oil on canvas 2014
Rowanberry 50x70cm(20"x28") Oil on canvas 2014
My village 50x80cm(20"x32")oil on canvas 2014
Apple tree 70x80cm(28"x32")oil on canvas 2014
Sunny autumn day 70x50cm(28"x20") oil on canvas 2014
Brihgt Autumn 20x30cm(8"x12") oil on canvas 2014
Morning in Auxerre.France 40x30cm(12"x16")oil on canvas 2014
La Cure river.France 65x80cm(24"x32")oil on canvas 2014
Rue Gambetta, le matin.Saulieu.France 25x35cm(10"x14")oil on canvas 2014
Rue Gambetta.Saulieu.France 60x50cm(24"x20")oil on canvas 2014
Rue du Marche.Saulieu.France 45 x60cm (18"x24")oil on canvas 2014
Place Docteur Rocolore.Saulieu.France 45x60cm(18"x24")oil on canvas 2014
Mountain Stream.France 40x50cm(16"x20")oil on canvas 2014
Forest stream in Morvan.France 45x60cm(18"x24")oil on canvas 2014
Rue Joubert in the afternoon.France 40x50cm (16"x20")oil on canvas 2014
French buffet.45x60cm(18"x24")oil on canvas 2014
Boats low tide.France 20x30cm(9"x12")oil on canvas 2014
Bar du theatre.France 30x40cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2014
A vendre(for sale).Saulieu.France 60x50cm (24"x20")oil on canvas 2014
Fruits 30x40cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2014
Cloudy day in Saulieu.France 45x60cm (18"x24")oil on canvas 2014
River in Auxerre.France 30x40cm (12"x16")oil on canvas 2014
Fontain in Saulieu.France 60x50cm (24"x20")oil on canvas 2014