Blooming trees 40x30 cm (16"x12")oil on canvas 2014
Birch trees 30x20cm (12"x8")oil on canvas 2014
Spring on the lake 50x40 cm (20"x16")oil on canvas 2014
Grandmother's treasure 20x30cm (8"x12") oil on canvas 2014
Tulips 40x30cm (12"x16") oil on canvas 2014
First flowers 50x40cm (20"x16") oil on canvas 2014
Young garden 50x40cm (20"x16")oil on canvas 2014
 First green 60x50cm (24"x20") oil on canvas 2014
 Evening in the forest 40x50cm (16"x20") oil on canvas 2014
 Birches in a sunny day 60x45 cm (24"x18") oil on canvas 2014
 Spring window 50x40cm (20"x16") oil on canvas 2014
 Blooming tree 50x40 cm (20"x16") oil on canvas 2014
Apples on the window.Oil on Canvas 40x50cm(16"x20")2013
First snow.Oil on canvas 40x30cm(16"x12")2013
Apraksin market.Oil on Canvas 140x100cm 56"x40" 2014
Spring in my studio.Oil on Canvas 110x80cm 44"x32" 2014
Magazine and fruits.Oil on Canvas 30x50cm 12"x20" 2013
Morning on Rivoli. Oil on Canvas 50x40cm(20x16inches)2014
La Defence in Rain.Oil on Canvas 40x50cm(16x20inches)2014
Ile Saint -Louis.Paris Oil on Canvas 30x40cm(12x16 inches)2014
Rue de Rivoli.Rain .Oil on Canvas 40x30cm(16x12inches)2014
Pont neuf.Paris .Oil on Canvas 50x60cm(20x 22inches)2014
Place des Vosges.Paris .Oil on Canvas 40x50cm(16x20inches)2014
Paris.Christmas lights.Oil on Canvas 40x65cm (18x24inches)2014
Notre Dame,Rain.Oil on Canvas 50x40cm(20x16inches) 2014
Night in Paris .Pont Neuf.Oil on Canvas 20x35cm(12x16inches) 2014
New look.La Defence.Paris . Oil on Canvas 40x65cm(18x24inches)2014
Le Mare.Paris .Oil on canvas 50x40cm(20x16inches)2014
Dishes and mandarins.Oil on Canvas 30x40cm(12x16inches)2014
Cafe near Pompidou Centre.Oil on Canvas 40x65 cm(18x24inches)2014
On the Seine.oil on canvas 40x65cm (18x24inches) oil on canvas 2014
Near Pompidou.Oil on canvas 25x18cm(8x6 inches)2014
Le Brebiou ,Oil on canvas 65x40 cm(24x18 inches)2014
Ile de la Cite ,Oil on canvas 20x35cm (8x14 inches)2014
Evening on Place des Vosges, Oil on canvas 25x18cm(8x6 inches) 2014
Evening lights.Paris Oil on canvas 25x18cm(8x6 inches)2014
Antonin,Oil on canvas ,100x70cm(40x26 inches),2014
Antonin.Oil on canvas ,35x20cm(12x8 inches) 2014
After the dinner. Oil on canvas 40x50cm(16x20 inches) 2014
Italian street.Brig,Switzerland 50x40cm( 20x16 inches)
Yard in Romny 50x80cm(20x32inches)Oil on Canvas 2013 Ukraine
Market in Romny 50x70cm(20x30inches)Oil on Canvas 2013 Ukraine
Kastanien 40x50cm(16x20inches)Oil on Canvas 2013 Ukraine
Church Interior 45x40cm(18x15inches)Oil on Canvas 2013 Ukraine
Green house 50x60cm(20x24inches)Oil on Canvas 2013 Ukraine
Сhestnut alley 70x50cm(30x20inches) Oil on Canvas 2013 Ukraine
Twillight in Driggs 40x50cm(16x20inches)Oil on Canvas 2013 Idaho USA
The morning light 50x40cm(16x20inches)Oil on Canvas 2013 Colorado USA .Plein Air Magazine Award  on Plein Air Rockies 2013
Rocks 45x60cm(18x24inches) Oil on Canvas 2013 Idaho USA
Red boat yard 45x60(18x24inches)Oil on Canvas 2013 Maryland USA
Rain in the city 30x40cm(14x18inches) Oil on Canvas 2013 Colorado USA
Oxford Crabing 45x60cm(18x24inches)Oil on Canvas 2013 Maryland USA
Oxford boatyard 30x40cm(14x18inches) Oil on Canvas 2013 Maryland USA
Morning in the mountains 40x50cm(16x20inches)  Oil on Canvas 2013 Colorado USA
Morning in Estes Park 50x40cm(20x16inches) Oil on Canvas 2013 Colorado USA